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To keep all of our users safe and secure we have some core rules and regulations, the terms of which our users need to abide by. The terms are applicable for all users of the platform.

1. User Account

To perform an activity on FM Method Ltd. learning portal, every user needs to create an account. Individually users are liable for their account’s credentials. Users must keep their account credentials safe and should not share the details with others as this may create a risk. In any suspicious case, the user must inform to the support team of FM Method Ltd. Users must be in practice with the Government laws relevant to online platforms. Liabilities of any unlawful activities by the users will go upon themselves. Creating an account is absolutely free for all users and access for a lifetime unless the violation of rules.

2. Topic / Course Starting

To start learning a topic, users need to enroll in respective courses. We advise learners to go through the course details before purchasing a course. Once enrolled, students will get access to all course materials from the platform. Users are not permitted to share the class video to any person or platform. Violation of this term by sharing the class contents may result in the offender being subjected to the copyright law. Users can complain to the support team of FM Method Ltd. about any inconvenience they face either from the service or from any issues regarding the course content or teaching technique. A free class is available for each user for once. Users are given this opportunity to get the idea about our teachers and platform.

3. Payments and Refunds

Legal and valid payment methods are acceptable in our online educational platform. If there is any complicacy to pay the payment from our system, users are most welcome to make complain to our support team. Learners can choose to pay using their preferred transaction system which are available in the site. Students will be notified for the successful payment transaction by email. There is no scope to refund the amount which has been used for any transaction on the website. For any kind of payment scam, user’s account will be banned permanently. For any technical glitches or malfunction, we highly recommend users to reach out to our support team with specific documents to ensure smoother operations.

4. Content

FM Method Ltd. holds complete ownership of the resources and content shared on the FM Method Ltd. learning platform. Students are not permitted to share any content outside of the platform. Replication of any sort of the content will result in lawful actions being taken against the person. Upon sign up, students also consent to permitting FM Method Ltd. for sharing the user’s academic answers and results for the institutions perusal and other causes.

5. Behavior

Students can communicate with each other using a public forum or discussion panel, and can also set appointments with teachers upon mutual agreement between both parties and at a time convenient for the instructor. If any abusive or misbehavior is detected the user will be permanently banned from the website.