About FM Method

What is FM Method?

The Method that Principal Mohammed Feroz Mukul developed by his sole untiring, long research since 1986, is popularly known after his name as FM Method. The Method is devised exclusively for the native Bengalis and Bengali knowing people all over the world. One can learn the knowhow to both speak and write English without knowing the rules of grammar or learning them. The outcome of Mr. Mukul’s research shows it clearly that, it is not ‘Tense’ but the last word of the Bengali sentence that plays the vital role to translate any sentence into English. Depending on the last word of Bengali sentences, FM sir has divided the entire Bengali language into three categories, for each of them he has designed and devised a particular type of Formula with particular type of symbolic keys known as flat key, closed key and insert key to work like very simple technology. The flat key of a formula of FM Method takes the last non-verb-word of the Bengali sentence to turn that into English. The closed key of a formula takes the last verb-word of the Bengali sentence to turn it into English. The insert key is used in the formulas of level 2, 3, 4 and 5 of FM Method to turn the Bengali sentences into English. A Bengali knowing person can however, learn mostly speak English correctly, smartly and spontaneously even without knowing the grammatical rules. Nevertheless, it is not without grammar, rather grammar is built-in within it. Grammar forms the skeleton of the Formulas of FM Method. To FM Sir, as he defines it- Grammar is that which deals with the extract of the internal beauty of a language. You forcefully and quite rudely take that internal beauty out and then again hammer it to fix. You do not have any idea how difficult the task is! When the protruding part of the nail pricks, you feel pains; you bleed from your heart and lose your all interest in learning English.

In the true sense of the term, FM Method is a Creative Way of teaching English exclusively to the Bengali knowing people.

FM Method is an English teaching methodology for the Bengalis. In another sense, it is called the English Language Teaching System for the Bengalis, in short, ELT-SB.

FM Sir has always emphasized on the fact that the govt. should train the English teachers on ELT-SB to make them more efficient in teaching English.

FM Method Is An Operating System For The Bengalis For Learning English

You can very interestingly notice how FM Method works technologically. The components as they are used are given below:

  • Your thoughts = Software
  • FM Method = Program
  • Lessons of FM Method = Working File
  • Closed Key, Flat Key, Insert Key = Key Board
  • Bengali sentence = Data
  • Formula = Command
  • Last word of Bengali sentence = Instruction
  • Your lips = output

A Comparative Study Between FM Method And The Traditional English Teaching System In Bangladesh

FM Method Traditional System
1. FM Method is scientific, creative, easier, most modern, systematic and is based on methodology. 1. Traditional English Teaching System is unscientific, ineffective, difficult, backdated, and is not systematic.
2. English is taught by the Formulas of FM Method, where grammar is built-in or embedded. So, learning grammar is not a compulsion and learning outcome is spontaneous. 2. English is taught through grammar. For learning the smallest sentence like ‘He goes' students have to learn 33 grammatical items – which is absurd and unrealistic. It hampers spontaneous learning.
3. Follows the divine norms of language learning. The divine norm is- a language is learnt before learning the grammar of it. Hence, it is quite a natural and divine system. 3. Drastically violates the divine norms by teaching grammar before the language. Hence, creativity is overpowered by memorizing the rules. So students' latent talent is crippled.
4. Translation of Bengali into English totally depends on the last word of it, and not on Tense. (It is the finding of FM Sir’s decades of years of research) 4. Translating Bengali into English through ‘Tense' is a wrong and an unscientific way. Such a compulsory English teaching up to graduation level leads to a total wastage of money, energy and time of the nation.
5. The last word of the Bengali Sentence (also called, in FM Method, the ‘destination' of it) guides a learner which Formula to use to translate it into (reach) English. So Learning English becomes as easy as anything does. 5. There lies no such guideline in learning Tense, Grammar, Structure etc. So, the ‘gift of divinity' i.e. ‘the ability to learn a language' becomes as difficult as anything for our English learners.
6. Students feel it as easy and interesting as making a journey from Bengali to English and wandering in it, meaning they can easily use English in different situations. There is nothing like memorizing tense, grammar etc. 6. Students feel that they learn English through utmost difficulties by memorizing the rules of grammar – the way, which must be unrealistic and impractical even for the native language learners.
7. Based on the spirit of the Language Movement. Hence, FM Method is imbued with the patriotic feelings and develops a sense of independence among the learners. 7. Nothing of this sort is encouraged. Hence. An attitude of dependency is developed.
8. Learners feel that they are learning a language as a language is normally learned. 8. Learners feel that they are not learning a language. Rather they are learning something quite different, which is much harder than the language.

The Bengali Language As It Is Classified In FM Method

Bengali is as rich a language as it is in heritage. The language itself has a huge cache. FM Sir has very clearly described that the Bengali sentences end in three different types of words, namely a. in a Non-verb word, b. in a Verb-word, and c. in a Verb-word followed by a word signifying ‘state of being’. That is why; he has divided the entire Bengali-language-store into three Sections depending on the last word of the sentences namely- Section 2, Section 3 and Section 4 respectively. As hundreds and thousands of sentences of the Bengali language fall within the campus of each Section, he has divided each Section into five Levels like Level 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5, and designed lessons for them as lesson A, B, C, D and E. He then devised Formulas for the lessons whereby Bengali sentences are easily converted into English in conversational level. It needs to mention that Section 1 deals with the Formulas, which are the real substitute of the rules of English grammar.

Name of the books written by FM sir

fm-sir-books fm-sir-books fm-sir-books